Grocery Robbery Suspects Arrested

Grocery Robbery Suspects Arrested
Photo: Evidence seized during search warrants | Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office
Written By: Jim Emerson

OAKLEY— Officers responded January 11 at 8:46 p.m. to a report that three men were acting suspiciously at a supermarket. They exited with carts loaded with beer and laundry detergent without paying, and consequently were later arrested.

Staff at Raley’s grocery store noted the license plate number of the pickup truck the thieves used to flee. A witness followed the Ford150, until losing sight of it near Walnut Meadows Drive and Freemark Lane.

A Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office helicopter crew monitored the pickup traveling near Vintage Parkway at Big Break Road. On the ground, officers conducted a traffic stop. The stolen beer and laundry detergent were clearly visible in the back of the truck.

Evidence seized during search warrants | Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office

Besides the items from Raley’s, bottles of unopened alcohol were found from a Safeway supermarket in Brentwood. They are believed stolen as well. The items from Raley’s were worth over $1,000, as was the suspected stolen alcohol from Safeway.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of organized retail theft and conspiracy to commit crime. The four suspects who were booked at the Martinez Detention Facility are –

  • Lawrence Domina, 22, of Clayton
  • Justin Dornenberg, 20, of Concord
  • Renaldy Mendieta, 44, of Antioch
  • Justin Snyder, 18, of Discovery Bay

In a prepared statement Chief of Police Paul Beard said. “This was a coordinated and planned criminal act that has become all too commonplace in our society.” His statement went on to blame the crime on what he perceives as lax criminal law.

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