Suspects Arrested with a Stolen Vehicle and Methamphetamine

Suspects Arrested with a Stolen Vehicle and Methamphetamine

BRENTWOOD – Two men were arrested in separate incidents by a patrol officer working one shift. The first suspect was nabbed for a stolen vehicle and the second man was arrested for methamphetamine.

Both incidents occurred late at night last week. First the Brentwood officer stopped to investigate a truck partially blocking Lone Tree Way. The unoccupied truck was creating a safety hazard.

While the officer was checking the license plate registration, a man called out from across the street. He said it was his truck and had a key, but the officer was suspicious of him.

Turns out the license plate and VIN number belonged to a different vehicle. Moreover, the key was unable to start the engine due to ignition tampering.

Further investigation revealed the truck was reported stolen. The suspect identified as Brandon J. Elder, 26 of Antioch, was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

In addition, Elder was booked for probation violation. It was his fourth arrest this year. His other three arrests were for vehicle theft, narcotics possession, and driving with a suspended license.

A few hours later, the same officer encountered Noorullah M. Tarin, 42 of Antioch. This time a vehicle with its doors open was blocking the driveway of the Buffalo Wings restaurant on Lone Tree Way.

The doors closed and the vehicle began driving away, as the officer pulled up to investigate. Suspicion aroused, the officer followed the vehicle which stopped behind a nearby commercial building and spoke with the driver.

A search of this vehicle turned up methamphetamine, a scale, other drug paraphernalia, and cash. Tarin was subsequently arrested on suspicion of sales and transportation of controlled substances.

Since 2014, Tarin has been arrested five other times for drug-related offenses.

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