PSA from Susanville PD about car burglaries

PSA from Susanville PD about car burglaries

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Please Help Us Help You…..
This is a reminder to automobile owners regarding vehicle burglaries. You can prevent property loss and damage if you follow some common sense tips:
Lock your vehicle.
Set your car alarm.
Park in your garage if you can… but still lock the doors.
Don’t leave any personal items inside your vehicle regardless of the value. Thieves are looking for targets of opportunity. They will break a window just to see what’s in that back pack.
Don’t ever leave your purse or wallet in your vehicle.
Don’t leave any important documents such as driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, checks, credit cards or money.
Don’t leave your cell phone, laptop, tablet/iPad, camera or any electronics because these are all enticing items thieves are on the lookout for.
Don’t leave your vehicle’s title inside and certainly don’t leave any firearms in your car.
Most of these crimes are occurring at night. Thieves walk around at night pulling on car door handles. They would rather you leave the car unlocked for easy entry; however, if there is something of value inside, they will break the glass.
Items that you don’t need to carry with you are your social security card and your vehicle title. Those items should be at your residence in a safe place (preferably in a safe).
Please help us help you. Follow these tips and if you see something suspicious please call the police and we will come check it out. If you are a victim of a theft, please take time to report it.



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