D.A. reviewing report of 7/6/21 fatal officer-involved shooting

D.A. reviewing report of 7/6/21 fatal officer-involved shooting
Photo: Calderon prior to the shooting

Originally published as a Paso Robles Police Department Facebook post

“PASO ROBLES – On Tuesday July 6, 2021 at approximately 1:15 am, members of the San Luis Obispo Regional Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team were involved in a fatal shooting while attempting to arrest an armed and barricaded suspect.

The suspect, a 32-year-old man from Los Angeles, was shot by SWAT when he failed to surrender and instead reached for a handgun. The suspect was pronounced dead and  the handgun was recovered at the scene. No bustanders or police officers were injured.

The PRPD led investigation began earlier in the dy at approximately 4:00 pm near the 2400 block of Bbranch Creek Circle. Officers were dispaatched to the apartment complex after reports the suspect had dischrged a firearm from the balcony of an apartment. The suspect allegedly pointed the same gun at a female victim and threatened to shoot her.

According to Police Chief Ty Lewis, “I requested the assistance of the SLO Regional SWAT team due to the high risk nature of this situation. The suspect was armed with a gun and had barricaded himself in an partment, refusing to cooperate with officers. The suspect fired several shots at officers while they attempted to negotiate with him. This situation posed extreme risk to the community and officers. Unfortuneatley, this event ended tragically when the suspect ignored officer commands and reached for his gun. The officers were left with no choice but to defend themselves.”

SWAT medica and Paso Robles Emergency Services personnel provided immediate treatment to the suspect, but he ultimately succombed to his wounds.

The investigative report in the the fatal shooting of Steven Adam Calderon  by members of the SLO SWAT team has been completed.

The report is currently being reviewed by the D.A.’s office and the release of video will no longer affect the investigation into the shooting. An official report of the review is forthcoming from the D.A.’s office.”




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