Minor-Decoy Operation Nets Nine Violators

Nine San Luis Obispo stores were caught selling alcohol to a minor decoy during a sweep conducted by SLOPD and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) last weekend.

Sandy's Liquor Store, one of the Offending Businesses

According to SLOPD a minor decoy, working under the direct supervision of the investigators, attempted to buy alcohol from 45 SLO city stores.

The nine stores that failed to check identification and sold alcohol to a minor were Veini Vai Restaurant,  The Sidecar Restaurant,  AM/PM,  Circle K, Sandy’s Liquor Store, Madonna Shell Gas Station, 76 Gas Station, Chevron Gas Station and University Gas Station.

According to ABC, the businesses will receive a letter informing them of the operation and the results.

ABC says those who sell alcohol to a minor can face a fine and/or 24 to 32 hours of community service for a first violation.

In addition, ABC says it will take administrative action against the alcoholic beverage licenses of the businesses where sales to minors occur. This can include a fine, a suspension of the liquor license or the permanent revocation of the license.

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