Moss Landing Fisherman arrested on weapons & narcotics charges

Moss Landing Fisherman arrested on weapons & narcotics charges
Photo: scenes from the arrests
Originally published as a Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post –  

“Yesterday, a lengthy investigation into a commercial fisherman in Moss Landing & Monterey culminated with the arrest of 3 people.

Detectives with the Property Crimes Unit, MADCAT and agents with DEA spotted 47 year-old Gerald Wetle Jr. at a hotel in the city of Seaside.
Detectives had been investigating Wetle for distributing drugs throughout Monterey county. When detectives contacted Wetle he had a loaded firearm on his person. The gun was determined to be a ‘ghost gun’. He also had a large amount of methamphetamine, cocaine and cash. K-9 “Koa” assisted Detectives with locating the narcotics.
Two other people with Wetle were also arrested. 39 year-old Latisha Radar of Seaside and 48 year-old Anthony Ramirez of Sylmar.
Later in the night, detectives and DEA agents served a search warrant in the 1200 Blk of Old Stage Road.
During the investigation, detectives located a large amount of cocaine and methamphetamine. Detectives also uncovered over $100,000.
With the help of the counties top dog “OLIVE” detectives were able to find 10 firearms with most of them being unserialized ‘ghost guns’.

Wetle was booked into Monterey County jail on various weapons and drug charges. Ramirez and Radar were booked on various drug charges.”


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