David Molina’s family settles with Napa

David Molina’s family settles with Napa
Originally published as a Napa Police Department Facebook post

“Nearly three years after a Napa Police officer-involved shooting death, the family of David Molina has dismissed the lawsuit it filed against the City of Napa and the officer.

On December 5, 2018 at 1:48 AM, the Napa Police Department was called to the Kentwood apartments to respond to a report of a combative man who was armed with a firearm and had attacked someone. The officer tried to detain the suspect, later identified as David Molina, who then ran away.

Following a foot pursuit, the officer attempted to arrest Molina in a dark, bushy area below an embankment. During the arrest and subsequent violent struggle, Molina got his hands on the officer’s rifle and fired several rounds. The officer regained control of the rifle and fired several rounds in defense of his life. Mr. Molina died at the scene.

The Napa County District Attorney issued a full report in December 2019, which declined to file criminal charges against the officer, stating that the officer faced a life-threatening situation and was justified in his actions. The City and Police Department agree that the officer’s actions were fully justified during this incident.

In October 2019, Mr. Molina’s family filed a Federal civil rights lawsuit. Following extensive investigation and litigation, which counsel advised would continue to be disruptive and expensive, the parties reached a settlement which includes a financial payment of $1.3 million to Mr. Molina’s parents.”

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