Fatal officer-involved shooting in Napa County

Fatal officer-involved shooting in Napa County
Photo: snip from the shooting video
Originally appeared as a Napa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post –
“On Monday, October 5th, 2020, at approximately 10:10 PM, Napa County Sheriff’s Sergeant David Ackman spotted a car traveling on Kaiser Road with the headlights off. The driver of the car was later identified as Juan Adrian Garcia. Sergeant Ackman made a traffic stop as Garcia approached the Kaiser Road/State Highway 221 intersection.
Immediately after stopping, Mr. Garcia tossed a cell phone out of the driver’s side window and exited his vehicle without being told to do so. Mr. Garcia advanced toward Sergeant Ackman while keeping one hand tucked behind his back.
For nearly a minute, Sergeant Ackman attempted to de-escalate the situation as he retreated and repeatedly asked Mr. Garcia to stop and show his hands, however Mr. Garcia refused to comply.
When Mr. Garcia got within close range, Sergeant Ackman fired his weapon 6 times, hitting Mr. Garcia 5 times in the torso and once in the leg. Moments later, Napa County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the scene and administered CPR and First Aid. Mr. Garcia was rushed to Queen of the Valley Medical Center, but died the following night around 8:30pm.
Although Mr. Garcia refused to stop and show both hands simultaneously, it was later determined he was not carrying any weapons. Investigators were unable to obtain a statement from Garcia, therefore we’re unaware of his motive.
However, it should be noted medical records show Mr. Garcia’s serum blood alcohol level on the night of the incident was .338%. Mr. Garcia’s criminal record includes multiple DUI arrests. He understood English, including the commands that were given to him by Sergeant Ackman.
As part of protocol, Sergeant Ackman has been placed on administrative leave. He’s been a Napa County employee for 31 years, the past 21 years with the Napa County Sheriff’s Office. This incident is being investigated by the Major Crimes Task Force, which includes the Napa County District Attorney’s Office, Napa County Sheriff’s Office, and Napa Police Department.”
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