Latest Rash of Smash-and-Grab Robberies – Large Flash Mob Thwarted

Latest Rash of Smash-and-Grab Robberies – Large Flash Mob Thwarted

SANTA MONICA – Law enforcement personnel are on high alert in the Los Angeles area due to recent numerous follow-home robberies and “Smash and Grab” commercial retail incidents. Groups of apparently organized individuals dubbed “Flash Mobs” also have multiple departments and investigators hopping.

A savvy security team member in downtown Santa Monica had his hands full when he observed 7 vehicles arrive on-scene into the fire lane at Santa Monica Place Mall in the 200 block of Broadway, near Nordstrom. A bevy of opportunists – approximately 28 of them – parked in front of the store on November 29th.

“The advent of recent “flash mob robberies” in surrounding communities, West Los Angeles and California have placed all public safety and security services personnel on high alert,” said Santa Monica Police Department Chief Ramon Batista. Clearly, the security team member was outnumbered.

The immediate action taken radioed for PD assistance – while providing license plate information and vehicle descriptions. “The vehicles’ occupants noticed his behavior, and became antagonistic,” said Chief Batista.

Fortunately, the angry mob left the area prior to the officers’ arrival. Quick thinking in a dangerous case like this thwarted a potential tragedy.

The robbery was squelched, for now, but the rash of recent events puts everyone on notice to exercise extreme caution. Groups such as this mean business.

Chief Ramon added, “The success in our city’s ability to curb criminal behavior is dependent on our partnership with one another. Collectively, we are all a part of the fabric of safety that makes up our great city.”

Kudos were given to the security services team member for “GOOD WITNESS” skills and immediate action. For the rest of us, “You are our extra eyes and ears of the community – residents and businesses alike, are a key component to crime prevention,” urged Chief Batista.

As we head into the Holiday Season Chief Batista asked one and all to please continue to look out for one another. If you See Something, Say Something and be Safe!

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