Public Notice of Suspicious Subject – Lakeport, CA

Public Notice of Suspicious Subject – Lakeport, CA
Photo: Robert Michael Berg
Originally published as a Lakeport Police Department Facebook post – 

“In recent weeks, through monitoring of posts in the Nextdoor system we have seen some home surveillance videos or reports of a subject, mostly during the night, wandering on residential property sometimes entering vehicles and in one known case an unlocked garage where he stayed for a couple hours but did not take anything. We believe the subject related to all of these incidents to be Robert Michael Berg, 43, of Lakeport.

Mr. Berg often displays unusual behavior causing community members to call the police and we have had many interactions with him, most recently last night. We are currently processing a case to charge Mr. Berg with the misdemeanor crime of prowling.

The community should be aware if they are not already, currently some state of California laws and procedures restrict law enforcement actions and limit what crimes we can arrest, book or hold individuals for. In many cases we are left with issuing citations, and then releasing individuals in the field.

With this it is critically important that the community call us and report any criminal actions involving Mr. Berg or any other person so that we can compile all the information so that we may be able to apply for bail enhancements to hold the individual pending court proceedings

We will continue to work with all stakeholders and put all of our efforts into keeping Lakeport safe. To that effort we need all of the community’s assistance to keep us notified of suspicious or criminal activity.”

Persons with Ring Video Systems can send their videos directly to us by finding the Lakeport Police Department Ring account in that online system.”



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