‘Artist’ arrested for tagging at least 10 victims

‘Artist’ arrested for tagging at least 10 victims
Photo: some of Costa’s art work
Originally published as a Mt. Shasta Police Department Facebook post – 
“On September 24, 2021 at 0736 hours an officer observed tagging and vandalism to the Ace Hardware building.
The officer subsequently received a report of same tagging to Berryvale Grocery. During the investigation the officers located several other locations downtown that had been vandalized with spray paint.
Officers were able to use video surveillance from several business to develop a timeline and identify the vandal.
At approximately 1036 hours officers located 29-year-old Albert Eric Costa sitting in the grass at the Mt Shasta Chamber of Commerce. Costa was taken into custody at that time and a search of his property resulted in the seizure of five spray paint cans.
Costa was booked into Siskiyou County Jail for felony vandalism charges. MSPD has identified 10 victims of the vandalism at this time and are asking anyone that had damage done to their property last night with spray paint contact the MSPD.”
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