Woman Arrested for Making Threats with a Knife on a BART Train

Woman Arrested for Making Threats with a Knife on a BART Train

OAKLAND — A woman with prior drug-related arrests has been arrested twice this month. Her second arrest in September involved making threats with a knife on a Bay Area Rapid Transit system train.

Keana Hatfield, 28 of San Leandro, allegedly pulled a knife on a random person riding a BART train. This incident was reported September 8 at the Rockridge BART Station in Oakland.

Apparently, a verbal confrontation erupted between the suspect and another passenger. It escalated to the point where the suspect purportedly pulled a knife on the victim.

A witness to the incident reported that the victim initially tried to ignore the suspect. When the witness protested aloud about what was happening, the suspect allegedly threw a bottle at her.

Following these two violent incidents, the suspect was arrested by BART police officers. However, she has since been released from custody.

Hatfield was charged September 9 by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Her misdemeanor charges are exhibiting a deadly weapon PC 417(A)(1) and making criminal threats PC 422(A). She is scheduled to appear in court for a plea hearing on October 12.

Meanwhile, a judge issued an order for Hatfield to stay away from all BART stations. In addition, she is prohibited from possessing, owning, or using any deadly weapons.

On September 5, Hatfield was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Prior to this, she was arrested in February 2012 for robbery and possession of stolen property, but she was not convicted.

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