Man arrested 6 days after robbery of firearm

Man arrested 6 days after robbery of firearm
Photo: Garcia under arrest
Originally published as an El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“On 5/19/2021, EDSO Deputies responded to a residence in Cameron Park for the report of a disturbance. Deputies arrived on scene and investigation revealed a male named Vincent Garcia had committed a robbery in which a firearm was stolen.
It is believed Garcia is in possession of a firearm and Garcia is considered to be armed and dangerous. If anyone has any information of the whereabouts of Vincent Garcia please contact EDSO dispatch at 530-621-6600. If you have further information regarding the incident, please contact Detective Katz at (530) 642-4716 or at
In an attempt to reach Vincent directly, this is intended for Vincent to read, or for those who are in contact with him to relay:
Vincent, we understand that you are scared. We understand that you are angry. We want you to know that we don’t want to harm you. Our job is to ensure your safe apprehension. We want to help you Vincent. We want to talk to you.
We are requesting your surrender to the Sheriff’s Office safely, and immediately. Detective Lopez is awaiting your phone call, or anyone else who would like to provide an anonymous tip.
*UPDATE Vincent Garcia**
Vincent Garcia is still currently at large. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has been working diligently to safely apprehend him. A Code Red Alert will be issued this afternoon for the Diamond Springs area, as well as some of the surrounding county areas of Placerville to keep the public informed.
Should you receive any information regarding Vincent‘s current whereabouts, please contact EDSO Central Dispatch at 530-621-6600.
At this time Garcia is believed to be armed and dangerous. Please exercise extreme caution if you have any contact with Garcia and contact EDSO immediately.
***Vincent Garcia Update ***
Since 5-19-21 EDSO Detectives and Patrol have continued their investigation and search in an attempt to locate and arrest Vincent Garcia. In the early morning hours of 5-25-2021, EDSO Detectives determined the location of Garcia in the greater Placerville area. During a traffic stop this morning, Garcia was found hiding in a vehicle and was taken into custody without incident. EDSO extends our appreciation to the El Dorado County community for their efforts and tips in this case.”
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