Trio of mail thieves caught and arrested

Trio of mail thieves caught and arrested
Originally published as a Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“Deputies arrest a trio of mail thieves! At one a.m. on February 18th, a watchful Placer County resident reported seeing a vehicle casing mailboxes in his neighborhood.
The vehicle sped away and crashed into a nearby field. When deputies arrived to investigate the incident, they found a significant amount of stolen mail at the scene of the accident.
The mail belonged to individuals living in Lincoln, Granite Bay, and the Sacramento area. The suspects were identified as 30-year old Jennell Bartholomew of Sacramento County, 28-year old Raylyna Salas of Sacramento County, and 25-year old Jeremy Marchi of Mendocino County.
Both Salas and Marchi had outstanding Sacramento County warrants. Deputies searched Salas’ purse and found several credit cards and a California driver’s license belonging to other individuals.
All three suspects were arrested for identify theft, conspiracy, and concealing evidence. Salas was additionally arrested for possession of a driver’s license for the purpose of forgery and her warrant.
After the arrests, deputies spent the next several hours delivering mail to their rightful owners. Thanks to the watchful eye of a Placer County citizen, our deputies were able to arrest the involved suspects and return the stolen mail. Please remember to check your mailbox, especially during tax season, to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft! If you missed our PSA from February 2nd, we urge you to please watch the video and read our tips:”
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