Stolen 2021 Chevy Tahoe runs out of gas on I-80

Stolen 2021 Chevy Tahoe runs out of gas on I-80
Photo: vehicle in question
Originally published as a San Francisco PD Facebook page – 
“Last night just before midnight, your CHP San Francisco Area tag team tandem, consisting of Officers J. Mendoza and J. Escobar responded to a call of a traffic hazard, with a vehicle blocking the #4 lane, of I-80 w/b, near the US-101 transition, in downtown San Francisco.
Arriving there promptly, they located a brand new 2021 Chevy Tahoe with the manufacturer dealer stickers still attached to the door windows. The driver, who was still sitting in the driver’s seat, advised that he had run out of gas.
Seeing the vehicle had no license plates (temporary or permanent), as required per Section 5200(a) CVC, they checked the VIN through dispatch and learned that the vehicle had just been reported stolen, approximately two hours earlier, from a Chevy dealership in the East Bay.
The vehicle had its keys in the ignition and was stolen while it was being delivered to the dealership, via a vehicle transporter. Being that this driver could not provide a bill of sale or receipt for the $70,000.00+ vehicle, and had no legal ownership to the vehicle, he was immediately taken into custody and booked for the theft and possession of this stolen vehicle. Nice catch!!
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