Beer and Syringes

SAN FRANCISCO – Happened on the 300 block of Ellis Street. In the Tenderloin district, in what some might call the heart of San Francisco darkness. You’ll remember the place was named after the loins of young prostitutes, or, if you’d prefer a different history, years-ago cops claimed they made so much money in bribes in the district they could go down to Original Joe’s on Taylor Street and have a real tenderloin steak.

victim had syringe in ear (probably didn't take it this well)

Meanwhile on Monday, April 15 at 1 a.m. not far from Bodecker Park, whose patrons are known for drug use, and just a couple blocks from Tenderloin Station, the local coppery, two gentlemen, both 43, were deep in their cups. Then they have a disagreement. It’s a ‘you-owe-me-this-money-no-I-don’t’ dispute’.  According to SFPD press officer Gordon Shyy, the suspect, Ronald Morgan, demanded a beer from the victim as recompense.
No way, said the vic so the suspect threw him to the ground and stuck a syringe in his ear.  In the ear, no less. Punctured, said the police report, and so said the vic. No medical attention requested. But perhaps the victim couldn’t hear the offer.

300 block of Ellis St.

“In fact,” says Officer Shyy, “the victim was given medical attention but did not go to the hospital.”Police don’t give out names of victims.
Mr. Morgan, a city resident, has been charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.  In sum, beer was spilled, but little or no blood.
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