Good Samaritan Saves an Intruder Wielding a Foot-Long Knife in Her Kitchen

Good Samaritan Saves an Intruder Wielding a Foot-Long Knife in Her Kitchen
Photo – Marty in custody

SAN DIEGO – Southeastern Division Police Department announced another successful preservation of life – “Our First Core Value” – on September 6th. While responding to numerous calls of a man running through back yards with a large knife, they discovered a Good Samaritan, “Aurora.”

Deemed  “a community hero” by Facebook posters, the woman managed to calmly and kindly stop a situation that could have ended with tragic results. San Diego PD arrived to her home, where the Chaplain lives with her family, to find her son and grandson outside. As additional resources arrived, the man with the knife was barricading himself in the house with Aurora.

In a video provided by San Diego PD, Aurora described that she’d heard a sounds of someone falling, yelling, and immediately went to see if all was okay, “Because a man was trimming a tree,” she said,  “and I have homeowner’s insurance.”  Heading to the back door with her cellphone, she encountered a man drinking water from her kitchen faucet.

The man uttered, “They’re trying to kill me,” and mentioned being followed by a helicopter.  She offered him a bottle of water – while noticing the foot-long knife behind his back.

The man begged for her help. She managed to warn her family without escalating the moment with the armed man, and they quietly escaped.

With her family now safely outside, after assuring the young stranger  that she would help him if that’s what he wanted, she quietly and calmly left to join them. Aurora told the responding officers that “Marty” was still in the house, visible through a broken window.

“Officers quickly surrounded the house and began to speak to Marty as additional resources began to arrive on scene. Over the span of over two hours: 18 officers, 3 sergeants, 3 K-9s, 1 Lieutenant and ABLE (a SD Police helicopter) responded to help take Marty into custody. Marty was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation.”

As a result, “Charges against Marty are pending.”  Aurora Gallardo, who feeds the homeless downtown (8 years in November), with a history of visiting people in jail – currently serves the community as Chaplain for families who have a problem, or goes to people who are close to passing.

“We have to have patience and love for people. God says we can’t fight fire with fire.  And, thank God everything came out okay,” said Aurora. “And here we are.”

The names and details of the parties shall remain as stated during the ongoing investigation, to preserve the integrity of the case.


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