Residential Burglary Suspect Arrested in Otay Mesa

Residential Burglary Suspect Arrested in Otay Mesa
Originally published as a San Diego Police Department press release:

“On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, just after 5 a.m., the San Diego Police Communications Center received a 911 call regarding a burglary in progress on the 2500 block of Caminito Hiedra in the City of San Diego. The resident opened his rear sliding glass door to take out the trash.

When the resident opened the door, a man later identified as 25-year-old Adrian Villegas-Garcia, entered the home and made rambling statements. Villegas- Garcia made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a cutting knife approximately 12” in length. Villegas-Garcia pushed the resident out the front door while holding the knife and locked him out. The resident yelled to his 20-year-old daughter, who was upstairs, to lock her bedroom door.

When the resident was locked outside his home, he called 911. SDPD Officers arrived on the scene and heard a woman yelling inside the house. The officers immediately entered the home through an unlocked patio door and quickly went upstairs.

Villegas-Garcia had broken the daughter’s door, but she had managed to hold the door shut, keeping him outside her room. Officers engaged Villegas-Garcia, and he ran to another room before jumping out of a window to a landing on top of the garage. Officers immediately tended to the daughter’s safety and escorted her out of the home.

Officers had a dialogue with Villegas-Garcia for more than an hour before he agreed to come down from the landing atop the garage. Villegas-Garcia surrendered and was arrested for 459 P.C burglary, 148(A)(1) P.C obstruction of a peace officer, 11364 H&S possession of controlled substance paraphernalia, and 242 P.C.”

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