Suspected Baby Killers Arrested and Charged

Suspected Baby Killers Arrested and Charged

In a spectacular and violent kidnapping, a 29-year-old Oceanside man, Anthony Ray McCall, stormed a Long Beach home and shot three adults before kidnapping infant Eliza Delacruz.

According to Chief Robert Luna of the Long Beach police, the ringleader of the plot was 47-year-old Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian. Authorities allege she had formulated a plan to find two babies to steal and raise them as her own, after she had lied to her boyfriend last year and told him she had given birth to twins while traveling out of the country. D’Milian even went so far as to create a fictitious charity, which claimed to offer help to lower-income single mothers, as a means of getting closer to a pool of potential targets for her and her accomplice.

Eliza Delecruz

Eliza Delecruz

On the morning of the kidnapping, Saturday, January 3rd, D’Milian and McCall followed Eliza Delacruz’s mother as she traveled home with her infant. At one point, while the mother was walking home, D’Milian even pulled up next to her in a black Range Rover and had a brief conversation with her about the child, before driving off. An hour and a half later, McCall stormed the home and abducted the baby. The baby’s parents and uncle were left seriously wounded in the shooting.

By January 4th, the body of baby Eliza was found inside an Imperial Beach dumpster by a transient man who was collecting cans to recycle. As soon as the infant was confirmed to be the missing Eliza, police from Long Beach to the border began cooperating in an effort to track down D’Milian and McCall. Finally last Wednesday, March 25th, both suspects were arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder and kidnapping.

In an additional incident, the two perpetrators were also charged, along with a third accomplice, Todd Damon Boudreaux, with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping of a baby, stemming from an incident on February 6th. McCall and D’Milian are currently being held on $5 million dollar bail, while Boudreaux’s bail was set at $1 million. The arraignment is set to begin on April 30th.

D'Milian; AKA "Rene' Reyes"

D’Milian; AKA “Rene’ Reyes”

Editor’s note – D’Milian’s web page lists her as a “business development mogul” who is “fluent in seven languages” and is “by far one of the most intelligent and talented women ever born.” See

In addition, D’Milian’s alter ego, “Rene’ Reyes,” published a poem in April of 2005 that includes theses words -“I look at her and my first reaction is to steal her from her momma, bring her here.”  The Healing Power of Verse

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