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San Diego

Road Rage Leaves One in Hospital and One in Jail

El CAJON – An argument that escalated from verbal to physical left one man seriously injured and sent the suspect to jail. According to the San Diego police, the incident occurred

San Diego

Fatal Stabbing Admitted by Oceanside Suspect

OCEANSIDE – By the time police arrived at a private residence on the 1400 block of Santa Rosa Street in Oceanside, they found 34-year-old suspect David Strouth covered in blood and

San Diego

DUI Accident Causes Death of 3-Year-Old

EL CAJON – On Saturday night one woman paid a terrible price for driving under the influence when her three-year-old child died after she crashed her car into a power

San Diego

Elementary School Kidnapper Identified and Arrested

SOLANA BEACH – On March 23, an unknown man walked onto the campus of Skyline Elementary School just moments after the dismissal bell rang. He confronted a 7-year-old female student, then taped

San Diego

Cancer Faker Faces Charges

SAN DIEGO – Cancer may be the most dreaded diagnosis someone can hear in their lifetime.  However, for 25-year-old Chula Vista resident Meaghan Hudson, it became a means to make money

Los Angeles San Diego

Suspected Baby Killers Arrested and Charged

In a spectacular and violent kidnapping, a 29-year-old Oceanside man, Anthony Ray McCall, stormed a Long Beach home and shot three adults before kidnapping infant Eliza Delacruz. According to Chief

San Diego

LA Cop Nabbed Smuggling Man Across Border

SAN DIEGO – In the latest incident to plague the Los Angeles police department, a ten-year veteran officer has been arrested for attempting to smuggle a Mexican national across the Otay

San Diego

Tourists Terrorized By Carjacking

In an historic area of San Diego known to be a relaxing place to stroll museums, or drink and dine at fine restaurants, one Washington couple’s dream vacation quickly turned

San Diego

DUI Suspect Crashes into Santee Sheriff

A Sheriff’s deputy suffered injuries during a head-on collision Saturday night after a day-long hunt for a domestic violence suspect. At 10:40 a.m. Saturday, February 28, deputies responded to a