Cancer Faker Faces Charges

Cancer Faker Faces Charges

SAN DIEGO – Cancer may be the most dreaded diagnosis someone can hear in their lifetime.  However, for 25-year-old Chula Vista resident Meaghan Hudson, it became a means to make money off of the sympathy of others.

In the summer of 2013, Hudson began reaching out to friends and family with the tragic news that she had been diagnosed with cancer.  She told them she had severe multiple myeloma that was spreading throughout her body and had left her with a grim prognosis.  According to her ex-best-friend Chelsey Whild, “there was the understanding that at one point, she may have had less than a year to live.”

Whild hasn’t spoken to Hudson since the news of her deceit broke.

Hudson managed to collect more than $5,000 in donations from friends and family, and many of them even took their support further.  Several friends, including Chelsey Whild, shaved their heads and got tattoos that read “sing on” in honor of Hudson’s time spent in the school choir.

Chula Vista police Lieutenant Fritz Reiber said in a statement that they “believed it was just a lie that got of hand.”  Unfortunately for Hudson, her actions will come with serious consequences, and she is due in court this month on charges of theft by deception and grand theft.  If convicted, she could be forced to serve as much as 3 years of incarceration, along with having to pay back all of the money she received.

News outlets reached out to Hudson’s current roommate and asked her what she thought of the charges.  Her response was that she felt like “everyone was hating on her.”

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