Off-Duty Cop Follows On-Duty Instincts

Off-Duty Cop Follows On-Duty Instincts
Photo: Leo Joshua Alberti

An off-duty Tulare police officer’s spidey senses kicked in when he saw a solo occupant car near a community mailbox on May 18, 2020. The driver scattered from the scene when he noticed he was being watched.

That evening, the now on-duty officer shared with his colleagues what he saw, including a description of the suspect and vehicle. That night, a fellow officer recognized the described vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.

When the officer reached the vehicle, he could see several packages and articles of mail inside the car. Continued investigation confirmed the items were stolen from at least 15 victims. The driver, 38-year old Leo Joshua Alberti, was in possession of a mailbox master key. He was arrested for possession of stolen property and mail theft. The identified victims of this case will be contacted.

The Tulare Police Department would like to remind the public to check their mailboxes daily as they continue to combat mail theft.

Photo from the Tulare Police Department

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