11 Arrests Made in International Phone Fencing Operation

11 Arrests Made in International Phone Fencing Operation

FREMONT — Detectives from Fremont PD played a key role in cracking an international fencing operation. At least 11 individuals have been arrested in connection with thefts of $1.3 million worth of cell phones.

Some 62 robberies committed in 31 cities statewide have been linked to the suspects. It involves the thefts of hundreds of phones from UPS and FedEX drivers making deliveries to stores in Oakland. In addition, many phones were stolen from burglarized vehicles.

Alleged fencing operations were being conducted from Torspin Wireless in Hayward and MJ Wireless based in El Cajon. Both enterprises are believed responsible for shipping stolen phones overseas for resale.

Fremont detectives worked with eight other law enforcement agencies. However, a major break in the case came when Pleasant Hill police obtained a palm print left at one robbery. This ultimately pointed investigators to Torspin Wireless and MJ Wireless.

Over a period of several months, Torspin Wireless and MJ Wireless purchased phones eight times from undercover agents. One of the biggest sting operations was conducted on October 25.

On that date, law enforcement agents sold 900 phones at the two stores. In addition to making arrests, police seized 1,800 electronic devices, four firearms and $350,000 in cash.

Fremont police said in a prepared statement. “These fencing operations and the high price they pay for cell phones drive the auto burglary epidemic.”
Last week, authorities announced the first four individuals to be charged with receiving stolen property –

Muhibullah Nuristani
Mujibullah Nuristani
Mohammad Mustafa
Abdul Janah

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