Cash Register Bypass and Freeway Chase Sends 3 Ladies to Jail

Cash Register Bypass and Freeway Chase Sends 3 Ladies to Jail
Photo: three thieves apprehended

VACAVILLE — Three young ladies are facing legal problems following their illustrious shopping get-together. Their dilemma involves bypassing a cash register, leading police on a freeway chase and ending up in jail.

Their troubles began inside the Vacaville Premium Outlets shopping mall on July 1. From inside one of the stores, two employees spotted the women exiting about 3:30 p.m.


end of the chase

The trouble is, they were leaving with armfuls of merchandise without paying for it. When confronted, they emphatically told the store employees to get out of their way. The ladies hurried to the parking lot, got into a vehicle and fled.

Nevertheless, the employees were able to provide some assistance—to police—that is. They provided a good description of the vehicle used to flee, and the license plate number.

A Vacaville officer soon located the vehicle approaching the on-ramp of Interstate 505. A traffic stop was successfully initiated, but the driver abruptly ended her conversation with the officer. She proceeded to drive onto the freeway, followed by the police.


stolen merchandise

Next, the driver exited from the freeway at Vaca Valley Parkway, but she crashed into another vehicle. All three women fled, running across a field, but not fast enough.

Their shopping get-together was cut short. All three women were promptly arrested and transported to Solano County Jail.
From inside the vehicle, police recovered a large quantity of clothing and other stolen merchandise. Some items still had anti-theft tags and sensors attached.

The driver Makayla Lockett, 24 of Turlock, is facing a robbery charge, and it’s not the first time that she was arrested for robbery.

Her two shopping companions also face robbery charges:
Keiara Rowel, 24 of San Leandro
• Jaishanane Lee, 19 of San Francisco

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