Brutal Assault of a 12-Year-Old During Carjacking Attempt at ATM

Brutal Assault of a 12-Year-Old During Carjacking Attempt at ATM
Photo: Bank of America on Barton Road

GRAND TERRACE – A report of an attempted carjacking on July 1st at approximately 7:20 AM prompted an immediate response from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Central Station Deputies. They encountered a young victim with significant injuries to her face in the Bank of America parking lot at 22365 Barton Road.

The anonymous victim’s father described the terrifying incident which began right after he parked his car, then walked up to the ATM. He had left the ignition running with his daughter waiting in the car.

A man entered the vehicle and shouted at the 12-year-old girl to exit the vehicle. He assaulted her numerous times as he continued shouting.

As the father ran toward the vehicle, the suspect exited the car and ran.

Approximately three hours later, Central Patrol Station Deputies gave quick response to reports of a suspect matching the description of the attacker. Callers stated that he was trespassing on their property, near the Bank of America.

Deputies located the trespasser, and ID’d James Porter (28) of Colton as the alleged assaulter during the attempted carjacking.

“The victim sustained significant injury to her face as a result of the assault,” said Detective Sarah Ferguson. “Deputies arrested James Porter for attempted carjacking and the assault of a 12-yr-old causing significant injury.”
“Deputies discovered the suspect, James Porter, was on Post Release Community Supervision – PRCS for attempted vehicle theft as a result of California Assembly Bill 109,” Detective Ferguson added.”As part of AB 109, to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring the state to lower its prison population, offenders with non-violent, non-sexual and non-serious convictions will serve reduced sentences in county jails and be placed on local supervision through county Probation.”

Since he’s proved to be no longer non-violent, Porter’s looking at a possible conviction to put him away.

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