Suspicious Deputy Nails 3 in Grand Terrace Burglary Attempt

Suspicious Deputy Nails 3 in Grand Terrace Burglary Attempt

22900 Miriam Way

GRAND TERRACE – Three suspects, unable to break into a residence on Saturday night, November 28, were arrested by a suspicious deputy sheriff who saw signs of trouble while on patrol.

Richard Timothy Sulzmann, 53, Rocci Paul Ferretta, 36, and Kelly Adams, 21, all of Colton, were arrested on attempted burglary charges.

Deputy Adrian Bustamante, on patrol in the 22900 block of Miriam Way, noticed an older Buick Sedan parked along the curb. When the deputy checked the unoccupied car, reports said “it was in a condition consistent with it possibly being an unreported stolen vehicle.” It had appeared to have been driven recently, according to the deputy.

It was parked directly in front of a house that the deputy was familiar with, so he conducted a security check outside the house “out of concern for the resident,” an elderly female.

While checking, the deputy noted pry marks on a side door frame. He also discovered a pry bar on the ground near the door. When he returned to the front of the house, he discovered the three suspects.

During contact with the suspects, whom Bustamante detained, “they claimed to have had permission from the owner to be at the house and to enter it.”

Bustamante, however, determined they didn’t have permission, arresting Sulzmann, Ferretta and Adams at the scene. The three suspects were taken to the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino, and booked for attempted burglary.

Bustamante, who discovered other items used to commit burglaries in the stolen Buick before it was towed away, determined that the suspects were unable to break into the house, largely because he had interrupted them.

Sulzmann and Ferretta will both face a judge on burglary related charges in San Bernardino County Superior Court on Tuesday. No information has yet been released about a court date scheduled for Adams.

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