Charges to be Filed Against Shooting Victim?

SAN BERNARDINO – A highly successful high school boys’ basketball coach may have charges filed against him after he suffered from gunshot wounds in a reported Jan. 21 attack, say police.

Coach Steve Johnson

San Bernardino Police have no doubt Steve Johnson, 47, was shot. They are saying that he has given police conflicting reports about what happened at the park at Seccombe Lake, where he suffered from several gunshot wounds. Police have sent the case to the District Attorney’s office to review charges for obstruction of justice. On Monday, a city spokesman said a review of those charges is underway.

Johnson, who resides in Yucaipa but coaches the basketball team at Rialto Eisenhower High School, about 25 miles apart, said he stopped to use the bathroom at the park on his way to get gas. After he concluded, Johnson reported to police that he was approached by three black men who attempted to rob him. While police have no reason to doubt Johnson was the victim of a shooting, they have said Johnson has changed his account several times.

In a statement made by San Bernardino Police Chief Robert Handy, there is reason to believe that Johnson withheld information in his statement that night. The attack occurred at about 8 p.m.

Johnson's account of his activities at Seccombe Lake Park have come into question

Johnson said the assailants demanded his wallet, but after telling them he didn’t have it, he said one of the men opened fire, according to police reports. After that, Johnson drove himself, while bleeding, to the police department, which is located a few blocks from the park, which is located on Fifth St.

Since the shooting, investigators have interviewed Johnson on multiple occasions, with him telling the same story of events. But Handy said parts of Johnson’s account are difficult to believe, saying Johnson has not been forthright during the investigation.

Johnson, who has led Eisenhower to several area league championships and one state title, continues to recover from his gunshot wounds.

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