Man Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating a Police Officer

Man Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating a Police Officer
Photo: Sergio Taylor

SAN LEANDRO — Perhaps he should try getting a job as a real police officer. A man arrested multiple times for impersonating a police officer was locked up again this month.

This prolific fake cop was arrested this time by authentic San Leandro police officers. However, his latest shenanigans may just be the tip of the iceberg. Law enforcement agencies throughout the San Francisco Bay area are investigating the possibility of more police impersonation incidents.


uniform worn by Taylor

Among other things, this bogus cop is suspected of making traffic stops and pretending to be a K-9 officer. The car he drives has security markings making it look like a real police car. It even has red and blue flashing lights, and of course a siren.

The uniform he was wearing at the time of his latest arrest appears identical to those worn throughout California. In fact, it was made by a major police uniform manufacturer.

San Leandro police Lt. Robert McManus said in a prepared statement. “This was a dangerous situation, as he looked like a police officer, yet he is not. He was carrying a replica firearm and real ammunition. Most people would not be able to tell the difference between this impersonator and a real police officer.”

Evidently, the suspect takes great pride in wearing the blue. His antics include posting photos of himself on Instagram wearing a realistic looking police uniform.

The suspect identified as Sergio Taylor, 20 of Oakland, presently faces misdemeanor charges for impersonating an officer. Taylor is
out on bail, pending a court appearance, for charges filed on June 11.

Taylor was previously arrested twice in 2018 for misrepresenting himself as a police officer. In 2017, he was convicted for impersonating a uniformed federal law enforcement officer.

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