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Folsom PD: Antelope woman posed as officer during robbery

Photo: Folsom PD Originally published 3-14-21 via Facebook by the Folsom Police Department: “Natoma Street was blocked for a short time this afternoon while officers took a robbery suspect into


Orange County woman arrested after trying to pose as deputy

PHOTOS: Costa Mesa Police Costa Mesa Police have announced the arrest of a woman on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and are looking to identify any possible victims who


Man Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating a Police Officer

Photo: Sergio Taylor SAN LEANDRO — Perhaps he should try getting a job as a real police officer. A man arrested multiple times for impersonating a police officer was locked


No costume party for Tustin police–impersonator

Photo: Denise Latta Impersonating the law to a customer of a local pub in Tustin has landed a Southern California woman in jail. Denise Latta of Huntington Beach was arrested


Man Impersonating Officer Arrested at Sacramento International Airport

Photo: Brad Beaver and his car SACRAMENTO – A Folsom man is under arrest for impersonating an officer. The SCSD received a call about a car parked in the loading

San Diego

Vista man arrested for impersonating a sheriff’s deputy

  VISTA – On June 14 a Vista man, impersonating a sheriff’s deputy, found himself under arrest by the SDCSD. Police arrested Abraham Joseph Nava, 24, on multiple charges including


Fake Cop Busted with Guns

Photo: Jacob Baird Ventura County – Everyone can agree that when little boys pretend to be policemen, it’s just darned cute. But it’s not so cute when a middle-aged man


She Thought He Was a Police Officer

Photo: Grant Leslie Washam KELSEYVILLE – The female driver thought he was a police officer flashing his lights at her for her to stop.  It wasn’t an officer, it was

Los Angeles

Police Poseurs Targeting Undocumented Immigrants Arrested; Victims and Witnesses Sought

POMONA – An investigation into a series of robberies committed under the guise of a police officer’s uniform has been in progress since early December. The investigation led to the