Fake Cop Busted with Guns

Fake Cop Busted with Guns
Photo: Jacob Baird

Ventura County – Everyone can agree that when little boys pretend to be policemen, it’s just darned cute. But it’s not so cute when a middle-aged man falsely presents himself as a sworn peace officer. In fact, being a fake cop a violation of the law.

That appears to be the case of 41-year-old Camarillo resident Jacob Baird, who was arrested on the afternoon of June 1st.

Baird’s guns

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Peter Frank, it all started when a 911 call for service to the Camarillo Police Department reported “a suspicious person possibly carrying a gun.”

Reports like that usually bring the cops to the scene promptly.  Hence it didn’t take long for deputies to show up and make contact with Baird.

Nor did it take too long for them to ascertain that Baird “was carrying a loaded concealed handgun.” Also, he carried “law enforcement identification” that was not in his name.

Law enforcement determined that Baird is neither a cop, nor is he legally permitted to carry a loaded concealed handgun. Baird is on active probation for prior crimes. Therefore, he’s not even allowed to possess an unloaded firearm or any ammunition.

Based upon his probation terms and his clear violation of them, deputies took Baird to Ventura County Jail.

During his ride to the clink, investigators visited Baird’s residence pursuant to a probation search. Inside his residence, cops discovered “an additional 11 firearms, including two AR-15 rifles.” They also discovered more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition and several illegal high-capacity ammo magazines.

Baird’s charges include impersonating a peace officer and for multiple violations of his probation terms. He remains in custody on $55,000 bail.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking, Camarillo Police Department

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