Hells Angel president sentenced

VENTURA — Sabian Reynoso, 34, the Ventura Chapter president of the Hells Angels, who pleaded guilty to illegal firearm possession, was sentenced Oct. 19 to 32 months in state prison.

In July, Reynoso entered the grounds of the Ventura County jail to deposit funds into the inmate account of fellow Hells Angel Jared Plomell, 33, then in custody on illegal drugs and firearms charges. As a former felon himself, Reynoso was charged for entry into the facility in violation of the terms of his 2000 conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

Under California law, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Derek Malan, “felons are not allowed anywhere near a prison facility without first contacting authorities for clear-cut permission.”

Pursuant to his arrest for entering the jail, a search warrant was served upon Reynoso’s residence and a pump-action shotgun and ammunition was found in a closet. He entered a guilty plea to a felony firearm possession charge in return for the dismissal of the illegal entry charge and a minimum prison term under statutory sentencing guidelines.

Courtesy of MySpace, this is the logo for the Hells Angels' Ventura County chapter.

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