She Thought He Was a Police Officer

She Thought He Was a Police Officer
Photo: Grant Leslie Washam

KELSEYVILLE – The female driver thought he was a police officer flashing his lights at her for her to stop.  It wasn’t an officer, it was 47-year-old Grant Leslie Washam of Clearlake.

At 12:30 am on May 16 the CHP put out a BOL for “a gray sedan equipped with red and blue lights.”


Fake items

An officer spotted the vehicle near Soda and Lakeview Roads. He also encountered Washam there , with a black beanie sporting the word “police” in front.

Washam had a pistol tucked in his rear waistline. The gun was confiscated once Washam wore officer-provided handcuffs.

The gun was fake, used for firing blanks.  Washam also had a SFSO badge and handcuffs in his pocket.

As the deputy searched, he discovered a Homeland Security Badge, another handgun and meth.


Washam’s car

The suspect denied any nefarious use of the confiscated items. The female who reported her experience, however, identified Washam as the one who stopped her.

Even more interesting, a SFSO deputy reported the badge that Washam held as lost…. 22 years ago.

The LCSO charged Washam with impersonating an officer, false imprisonment and possession of a controlled substance. He also violated terms of his Post Release Community Supervision.

His bail is $15,000.


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