Wanted Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

Wanted Man Arrested for Attempted Murder
Photo: Thomas McAbee

21-year old Thomas McAbee has been a wanted man since March 8, 2019 due to his suspected involvement in a shooting.

That morning, McAbee and 21-year old Luiz Martinez are suspected of shooting toward a victim on the 1400 block of South Avenue in Turlock.

The shooting is believed to have been motivated by the victim’s supposed gang association.

Martinez was arrested and charged with attempted murder four days later while McAbee remained wanted on outstanding Ramey Warrant (a Ramey Warrant bypasses the DA and is granted directly by a judge if the judge believes probable cause exists and sufficient evidence supports that the suspect has committed a crime).

The warrant was fulfilled on March 26, 2019 when McAbee was arrested during a traffic stop by Turlock Detectives.

McAbee did not resist. He remains in custody at the Stanislaus Adult Detention Facility charged with attempted murder.

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