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Santa Barbara

May-December Drug Dealing Couple Busted

Photo: Ciara Owen and Nicholas Blaylock Santa Barbara County – The effects of methamphetamine on one’s judgment are apparently profound and unpredictable. There is little else other than a mutual

San Francisco

Brutal Burglar physically attacks Old woman, Teen girls

SAN FRANCISCO – A resident called the San Francisco Police Department on January 8th after seeing a man exit a residence nearby from an interior staircase. The incident occurred in

Los Angeles

Road rage windshield-smasher lands in Anaheim jail

Photo: Joshua Robert Dalton Telling police upon his arrest that he “lost his temper”, an Anaheim, California, man soon learned that violent exhibitions of emotions can land a person in

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for Home Invasion Robbers

Photo: Ruben Jesse Gomez and Javier Castillo Vasquez Santa Barbara County – In the pre-dawn hours of January 12th, a 65-year-old Lompoc man answered his doorbell. The person on the


Woman Arrested for Hit-and-Run Accident Injuring 14-year-old Boy

Photo: Leah Y. Conner OAKLAND — A woman faces multiple felony charges for a hit-and-run accident leaving a 14-year-old boy severely injured. The boy was dragged underneath a car for

Santa Barbara

K9 Teams Track Down Domestic Violence Suspect

Photo: James Anderson Santa Barbara County – Once again proving the inestimable value of the four K9 units currently working with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Patrol and Custody

Los Angeles

Man Arrested After Pre-School Aged Child Accidentally Shoots Mom

On Wednesday, January 23rd, a boy under the age of five, while sitting in the back seat of a four-door sedan, accidentally shot his mother who was sitting in the


Suspect on the run from Nevada warrant nabbed in Roseville

Photo: Timothy Trujillo ROSEVILLE – 35-year-old Timothy Trujillo was on the run from Nevada, with a felony warrant on his head. A detective from the Sparks PD in Nevada contacted


Patrol Officer Arrests 2 Suspects, Recovers Stolen Laptop Computers

SAN LEANDRO — Two suspects photographed by the victim of a vehicle burglary were apprehended several hours later. An alert patrol officer arrested both suspects and recovered several stolen laptop


Three Wanted in Home Invasion Robbery

LOS BANOS – Early in the morning of January 18 detectives served a search warrant on a home in the 15000 block of Badger Flat Road.  The warrant stemmed from