Road rage windshield-smasher lands in Anaheim jail

Road rage windshield-smasher lands in Anaheim jail
Photo: Joshua Robert Dalton

Telling police upon his arrest that he “lost his temper”, an Anaheim, California, man soon learned that violent exhibitions of emotions can land a person in jail. The January 22nd in road rage incident left the victim with a smashed windshield.

The incident occurred in the mid-afternoon of January 22, 2019, minutes after the 34-year-old victim, her two children, aged 12 and 13, and a male friend, aged 49, left a Jack In The Box restaurant on the 100 block of South State College Boulevard in Anaheim.

Near to the intersection of State College Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue, she noticed a new-looking white Jeep Liberty following her down the road and driving erratically, the Anaheim Police Department said in a January 24 media statement. Though she tried to evade the SUV, its driver swerved in front of her, forcing her to stop.

Upon exiting his Jeep, the driver, seen in photos and videos taken by passengers in the victim’s car to be a rotund, bearded, partially balding, blond white male of indeterminate age, jumped onto the hood of the victim’s vehicle, denting it.

The suspect then started pounding her windshield with his right fist. All this caused about $1200 in damage. While the victim’s car was rendered inoperable, the suspect returned to his and left the scene.

The victim posted the recordings of the attack on social media. She told police that she had never seen the suspect before that day and that the incident was unprovoked.

Local press broadcast photos and videos of the suspect on TV and also posted images on their social media sites. Thanks to a viewer who recognized the suspect, detectives from the Anaheim Police Department were able to identify the road-raging man as Joshua Robert Dalton, aged 28.

Detectives from the Anaheim Police Department arrested Dalton without incident on January 25 at about 1:30pm near to his residence. He was booked into the Anaheim Detention Facility in lieu of $20 000 bail for felony vandalism.

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