Woman Arrested for Hit-and-Run Accident Injuring 14-year-old Boy

Woman Arrested for Hit-and-Run Accident Injuring 14-year-old Boy
Photo: Leah Y. Conner

OAKLAND — A woman faces multiple felony charges for a hit-and-run accident leaving a 14-year-old boy severely injured. The boy was dragged underneath a car for four blocks before being abandoned on the pavement.

The accident happened on 35th Avenue shortly before 12:30 p.m. on January 2nd, near Fruitvale BART station. The boy was thrown off his bicycle, landed on the car hood, and then fell underneath the car.

While pinned under the car, the boy was dragged until the driver stopped on a nearby dead-end street. The boy became untangled from the car, when the driver stopped and backed up.

A passerby filmed a video of the accident aftermath, as the driver drove away leaving the boy. First responders transported the boy to a hospital. The child suffered broken bones, internal injuries and severe skin abrasions.

The accused driver, Leah Y. Conner, 36 of Oakland, was arrested January 26th on a warrant. Conner was booked at Santa Rita Jail, pending her arraignment on January 29th.

Conner was already on probation at the time of her arrest for a prior DUI crash conviction. In addition, she was previously arrested several other times for drugs and DUIs.

Conner now faces five new felony charges, including leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injury. Her other charges include reckless driving, and assault with a deadly weapon, among other allegations.

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