Sunnyvale man arrested two decades after molestation charges surfaced

Sunnyvale man arrested two decades after molestation charges surfaced
Photo: Jose Vincente Contreras
SAN JOSE – Mountain View investigators are asking for additional victims and witnesses to step forward after a Sunnyvale man was arrested for molesting a young neighbor nearly two decades ago.
An investigation was launched into the allegations of molestation in which a victim had recently come forward stating that 43-year-old Jose Vicente Contreras had repeatedly sexually assaulted the victim during her childhood. The victim and her family lived in an apartment on the 1000 block of Rich Avenue back in 2000 where Contreras lived near the victim.
According to authorities, Contreras molested her on dozens of occasions when she would complete a routine chore for her family – taking out the trash. In some instances, Contreras allegedly grabbed the victim, preventing her from escaping. On at least one occasion, the victim begged to be let go, but Contreras refused.
On Dec. 13th, 2018, Contreras was arrested at a home in Sunnyvale on suspicion of multiple counts of lewd acts on a child with force, digital penetration of a minor, aggravated sexual assault, sexual battery, a sex crime resulting in great bodily injury, sex acts with a child under 10 years of age, kidnapping, and indecent exposure.
“The victim’s heroism in coming forward regarding these incidents cannot be overstated,” said Sgt. Dan Vicencio. “We are proud of her, and we will work to ensure that justice will prevail in this case.”
Contreras has also been identified by a second victim as to having sexually assaulted them as a child sometime back in 2002. Police are asking that anyone who may be a victim, or who may know of someone who is a victim of Jose Contreras, to contact Detective Temo Gonzalez at
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