Mail theft suspect sentenced to four months

Mail theft suspect sentenced to four months

According to Postal authorities, 34-year-old Anthony Telly was responsible for several thefts that occurred at the Blossom Hill U.S. Post Office in San Jose.

Telly appeared before the Honorable Andrea Y. Bryan for sentencing on Tuesday, June 23, on charges of second degree burglary under PC 459- 460(b), which occurred at the Post Office at 5706 Cahalan Avenue in San Jose on July 26 of 2014. During the burglary Telly is said to have taken more than $950 from a male victim, and deposited a money order into his bank account, a violation under PC 484 – 487(a), grand theft. Telly is also being charged with taking checks from two more victims after breaking into P.O. Boxes at the Blossom Hill location.

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Telly faced other charges, for concealing stolen property he had taken, a violation under PC 496(a), and identity theft under PC 530.5(d) & (e) from stolen mail. It was determined that Telly had continued to steal mail and other items from residents in the nearby area. Records show that during this time he was arrested on August 8, 2014 on unrelated drug and paraphernalia possession charges by San Jose Police. He was picked up at 8:20 pm at a shopping area near Blossom Hill Road and Winfield Blvd.

Telly was later identified by authorities as the mail theft suspect, and arrested on those charges on September 3, 2014.

Investigators determined that Telly was breaking into post office boxes at the Blossom Hill Post Office, and was able to steal several checks. However, for most third party checks provided by business services, he was unable to cash them when he tried to place them into a fraudulent account.

After Telly’s initial arrest, he was released on his own recognizance. Finally, he was arrested once again on Sept 11, 2014 for mail theft, putting an end to his crime spree, and he has remained in custody until sentencing this week. He told investigators that he did not have the stolen mail, and in fact said that he had sold the mail items to another unknown individual for $200.

According to court records, Telly will be serving a 4 month sentence for the offense and is expected to be placed on formal probation once he is released.

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