Mother & Son Busted for Running Drug Haven

Mother & Son Busted for Running Drug Haven
Photo: Leona and Jason Comer

Ventura County – Their home served as a drug haven. The Camarillo home owned and occupied by 69-year-old Leona Comer and her 36-year-old son Jason Comer has been a busy place.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Det. Robert DeLaCerda, the Comer residence has been the subject of a year-long investigation “regarding a high number of illegal drug arrests from the location.”

In the first place, the investigation began as early as November 2017. Then Camarillo Police Special Enforcement Detail (SED) detectives observed numerous drug arrests taking place there.  Law enforcement also performed multiple probation searches prompted by the presence of “several known drug users” at the same location. Therefore detectives contacted both Leona and Jason Comer pursuant to those searches. Jason is subject to search in accordance with his Ventura County Probation terms.

Camarillo detectives continued their investigation throughout the year. They noted “over 25 probation searches and more than 25 arrests” made on the property owned by Leona Comer. Those incidents involved “a total of 16 people” on the scene at the time of those law enforcement actions. These included citations and arrests for a wide variety of crimes including –

  • resisting or obstructing a peace officer;
  • being under the influence of a controlled substance;
  • and possession of a controlled substance.

Because Leona and Jason were present during most of these police contacts, they eventually became suspicious subjects themselves. Early in September 2018, detectives attempted to make contact with them. Leona “refused to open the door.”  Therefore they made a forced entry and found a number of individuals hiding in the home. Consequently detectives arrested them “for various drug related charges.”

Further investigation into the nature of Leona’s use of the residence continued. Evidence pointed to the fact that the Comer home was maintained as a place where illegal drugs were furnished and consumed.

Finally, on September 23rd, Camarillo SED detectives arrived at the residence and took Jason and his mother Leona into custody. Officers transported the duo to Ventura County Jail.  Their charges are owning or maintaining a residence where illegal substances are sold, furnished, or used.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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