Female Customer Tries to Pass Fake $10 Bills

Female Customer Tries to Pass Fake $10 Bills
Photo: Marian Alfonso

VACAVILLE – A female customer tried to return a pair of sunglasses at the Solstice Outlet store on Saturday afternoon. She wanted a cash refund for her cash purchase.

Why then call the police? First, the woman’s face was already on “an internal business flier alerting all Solstice stores of her criminal behavior.”


Front of fake bill

A few weeks prior, the suspect purchased an expensive pair iof sunglasses at the same store. She paid for them with counterfeit $100 bills. Then she returned and “attempted to return the sunglasses for cash.”

Instead, employees called the police but the suspect fled. However, she returned for a second try and this time she did not escape, as employees “stalled her at the counter.”


Back of fake bill

Police arrested 37-year-old Suisun resident Marian Alfonso. She has an outstanding felony warrant out of Walnut Creek. Now she also has possession of counterfeit currency charges.

Police suspect that Alfonso has passed other fake $100 bills at other locations in the area. Therefore the investigation into possibly other incidents continues.

If you have any information regarding this incident please contact Officer Gunderson 707-449-5200.

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