Multiple Gunshot Victim Names Her Assailant

Multiple Gunshot Victim Names Her Assailant
Photo: David Wayne Brown

On June 5th at 11:00 am the FCSO responded to the area of North MacDonough in Sanger. A woman suffered multiple gunshot wounds when a farm worker found her in the canal bank.

The vicitm had multiple gunshot wounds throughout her body, including her face. Most noteworthy, she was alive. Before her air lift to the hospital, the woman named the individual who shot her. She told police it was her ex-boyfriend, David Wayne Brown.


End of the line

At 5:15 PM that same day, officers spotted the 40-year old Brown driving near Sunnyside and Gettysburg in Clovis. Brown refused to stop when signaled to do so by a deputy. Several other deputies joined in the pursuit to stop Brown. In addition, the EAGLE One helicopter monitored the situation from above.

Brown’s actions depicted a man who prioritized his escape over the safety of anyone else. He blew through stop signs and drove through red lights. He hit speeds over 60 mph while driving on city streets. The suspect finally slowed when he reached a gas station on Bullard and Fresno.

Brown tried to cut through the gas station parking lot.  A deputy used his patrol SUV to strike the side of Brown’s car in an attempt to end the chase. Other deputies used their cars to build a barrier around Brown’s car, thus disallowing him to drive any further.

Deputies removed Brown and a female passenger from the vehicle. The woman was interviewed and allowed to leave while Brown was arrested. “Detectives have not yet submitted charges against Brown. Once they do, he will likely face felony charges of evading police and attempted murder.” As of today Brown remains at the Fresno County Jail on a parole hold.

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