Fresno Man Arrested for Violent Carjacking

Fresno Man Arrested for Violent Carjacking
Finally, Photo: David Ortiz

FRESNO – A physical disturbance occurred this morning during a violent carjacking. It happened in the parking lot of a gym near Kings Canyon Road and Fowler Avenue.

When Fresno Southeast District police officers arrived they received updated information indicating this incident was not a physical disturbance but a strong arm robbery and carjacking.

At about 9AM, as  a lone female walked to her car after a workout, someone struck her in the face. The punch knocked her to the ground and the assailant fled the scene with her purse in her car.

Ten minutes later, Officer Art Rivera spotted the victim’s vehicle cruising downtown near Ventura and Santa Fe Street.

Being that this was a high-risk felony traffic stop, Officer Rivera followed the car until backup patrol units were nearby before stopping the vehicle.

Finally, police pulled the driver over and detained him without resistance. Authorities identified 24-year-old David Ortiz of Fresno as the man who punched the woman and made off with her belongings. His charge is carjacking.

Photo from the Fresno Police Department

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