Drugs Discovered by K9 During Traffic Stop

Drugs Discovered by K9 During Traffic Stop

Michael Condito booking photo

SCOTTS VALLEY — Police have arrested 28-year-old Michael Condito of San Jose after a traffic stop near the Scotts Valley Shopping Center shortly before midnight on Thursday night, December 22nd.

Atlas poses with items confiscated from Condito's vehicle

Atlas poses with items confiscated from Condito’s vehicle

Scotts Valley police officers conducted a traffic stop after noticing a non-functional headlight near the shopping center. When they made contact with Condito, K9 officer Atlas alerted them to the presence of a controlled substance.

Officers then searched the vehicle and discovered over 100 Xanax pills, over 20 Hydrocodone pills, and multiple full and empty Whippit canisters. Packaging material and a digital scale were also found.

The vehicle’s occupants were searched as well, particularly Conditio –who was found to be in possession of over 100 additional Xanax pills, a vial of approximately 30 ecstasy tablets, two separate containers of powder cocaine, 28 doses of LSD, and over $1,750 in cash.

Condito was arrested and booked on charges of possession relating to the items found. Officers also took note that he appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance at the time.

He is housed at the Santa Cruz County Jail.

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