SAT PREP SCAM ALERT comes from Santa Cruz

SAT PREP SCAM ALERT comes from Santa Cruz

Scammers know no boundaries, and are at work everywhere, including Santa Cruz –

“We would like to alert you of a new scam targeting parents!

Parents have reported being called by someone from the SAT/ACT Prep Center. The caller states their child’s name and home address and alerts the parents that their child has requested SAT/ACT prep materials.

The caller then says a packet with information and two cd’s will be mailed to the house, but the CD’s will need to be returned within 30 days. They then ask for credit card information to charge the parents in the event the CD’s are not returned. The number associated with this call was an 831 number, so be aware scammers can make it look like a local number.

Please talk with your kids and other parents to let them know to verify all information through the direct source and do not give information to anyone you are not expecting a phone call from.

Thank you to the parents for alerting us of this scam, please pass it on!”

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