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Monterey County: 30+ people arrested, drugs and cash confiscated in Property Crimes operations

Photos: Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Originally published 12-31-20 via Facebook by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office: “The holiday season has been a busy one for the Investigations Division. Over the


Woodland Police: Driver, passenger arrested after pursuit

Photos: Woodland PD Originally published 1-1-21 via Facebook by the Woodland Police Department: “At about 8:00 AM this morning, Officer Juarez spotted an Audi swerving and driving erratically near Beamer


Merced CHP: K-9 Officer Beny uncovers suspiciously large amount of cash during traffic stop

Photos: Merced CHP Originally published 12-28-20 via Facebook by Merced CHP: “On December 21, 2020, at approximately 1430 hours, a California Highway Patrol Officer conducted an enforcement stop on a


Merced CHP K-9 Officer Beny finds over $1M in suspected drug money during traffic stop

Photos: Merced CHP Originally published 12-17-20 via Facebook by Merced CHP: “On December 11, 2020, at approximately 1728 hours, a California Highway Patrol officer stopped a white, 2019 Ford panel


Police discover “substantial amount” of guns, drugs, and money in Roseville hotel room

Originally published 11-9-20 via Facebook by the Roseville Police Department:   “On Monday, December 7th, a Roseville Police Officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle in the area of Lead Hill


Merced Police: Enforcement stop leads to citation for drug possession

Originally published 8-15-20 via Facebook by the Merced Police Department:   “On August 13, 2020 at 10:52 P.M., Officer Prevostini of the Merced Police department made an enforcement stop on


Thousands of allegedly stolen catalytic converters recovered in Elk Grove

Photos: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Originally published 7-21-20 via Facebook by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office: “The Sheriff’s Office, with the help of Elk Grove Police Department, executed a search


Sheriff’s Office: Man busted with narcotics during enforcement stop in Amador County

PHOTOS: Amador County Sheriff’s Office A man has been arrested in Amador County after a deputy reportedly discovered methamphetamine and other evidence during an enforcement stop. Around 9 AM on

Fresno Merced

CHP officer and K9 partner find nearly $1 million in cash dumped on Merced County road after police pursuit

Originally published May 4, 2020, by ABC News: “FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Merced CHP officer and his K9 partner found cardboard boxes with nearly $1 million in cash after the

San Luis Obispo

Pair in Walgreen’s Parking Lot Arrested with Drugs

Ryan Krebs and Joseph Baker ATASCADERO – Last Thursday, the APD contacted two men who were in their vehicle in the Walgreen’s parking lot at 8005 El Camino Real. One