DUI Warrant Sweep Nets Two

DUI Warrant Sweep Nets Two

VENTURA COUNTY — Proving once again that the long arm of the law has neither limits to its reach nor a short memory, on November 18th, Ventura County’s Thousand Oaks Police Department conducted a DUI “sweep” which resulted in the arrests of 55-year-old Frazier Park resident Penny Lea Hedrick-Bosman and 27-year-old Thousand Oaks resident John Alfredo Cazares.

Conducted by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department’s Special DUI Warrant Service Operations unit focused upon the mission of deterring those who might be inclined to violate proscriptions against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, VCSD spokesman Sgt. Brad Clifton described the enforcement effort as involving “officers with dozens of outstanding warrants (who) fanned out into neighborhoods in search of high risk DUI and substance offenders.” The two who were arrested on the 18th had “either failed to show up for a court date or violated terms of their probation in an outstanding DUI case.”

Clifton further reported that those apprehended likely face additional jail time for their apparent disregard of court orders and/or terms of probation, describing the ignominy of these arrests in some detail, including “personal embarrassment as they are lead away in handcuffs, as well as missing work while sitting in jail.”

Both Hedrick-Bosman and Cazares were removed from their places of employment in just such a fashion and transported to Ventura County Jail where they are currently held without bail pending court appearances which they now not miss.

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