Bloodhound Busts Booze Burglars

Bloodhound Busts Booze Burglars

Ventura County – When it comes to an appreciation of rare, aged distilled liquors, supermarket patrons Dushaun Nichols and Charles Burks, both residents of Van Nuys, apparently know a good thing when they see it…and then they just steal it.

Clearly appreciating the distinction between Mike’s Hard Lemonade ($1.50) and Seraphine Chai Tea ($150) or Calvados ($500) Vodka, just after the lunch hour on March 10th , the 43-year old Nicholas allegedly strolled into a Vons supermarket in the City of Moorpark—from which he had on prior occasions stolen nearly $1000 in alcohol beverages—and ran from the premises carrying several bottles of high-end liquor.

Dushaun Nichols

Dushaun Nichols

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. John Wright, store employees who witnessed the grab-and-go operation observed Nichols climb “into a white SUV that was occupied by another male, later identified as Charles Burks,” whereupon Nicholas got behind the wheel and drove away with understandable urgency.

Thousand Oaks Sheriff’s units, responding to the 911 Emergency call placed by Vons’ employees, soon spotted the suspect white SUV driving away from the area, and immediately attempted a traffic stop. But Nichols failed to show any respect for red lights and sirens, taking deputies on a high-speed pursuit through the streets of Camarillo which “ended when Nichols drove into a dead end.” Perhaps inspired by the plethora of TV “real cop” shows, Nichols and Burks alighted from the SUV and attempted to outrun the deputies. Burks didn’t make it very far and “was taken into custody almost immediately after exiting the vehicle,” while Nichols was located hiding under a piece of plywood in a residential backyard pursuant to a search effort that involved the Sheriff’s Aviation Unit, a K-9 unit, and a Rescue Bloodhound.

With more than $1000 worth of stolen booze discovered in their SUV, Burks and Nichols were transported to Ventura County Jail and charged with three counts of burglary, resisting arrest, and felony evading.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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