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Ventura Man Arrested for Brandishing Weapon and Evading Arrest

An example of a replica gun Ventura – When law enforcement receives multiple simultaneous 911 Emergency calls reporting “shots fired,” the response is swift and vigorous. So when, in the middle


“Fast & Furious” Car Chase Ends in Triple Arrest

Ventura – The only difference between the events taking place on the afternoon of August 4th on the downtown streets of Ventura—just a stone’s throw from thousands of vacationers enjoying a


100 mph Car Chase Ends in DUI Bust

Ventura County – Laying to rest the classic assumption that “driving under the influence” refers solely to those who may have enjoyed too much Happy Hour at their local cocktail lounge,


Bloodhound Busts Booze Burglars

Ventura County – When it comes to an appreciation of rare, aged distilled liquors, supermarket patrons Dushaun Nichols and Charles Burks, both residents of Van Nuys, apparently know a good thing


Wild Car Chase End in Arrest

Ventura County – Just after morning rush hour on March 3rd, a Ventura County Sheriff’s Fillmore Station patrol unit spotted a car parked on a downtown street that matched the description


Car Thief Loses 100 mph Car Chase

Ventura County – Every now and then, law enforcement comes across someone who simply watches too many “Fast and Furious” re-runs and apparently believes that it’s actually a good idea to


Parole Violator Leads Cops on Motorcycle Chase

Ventura – In the middle of the warm summer afternoon of August 1st, a Ventura Police officer on routine patrol observed Stephen Reid, a 53 year-old resident of the city, as