100 mph Car Chase Ends in DUI Bust

100 mph Car Chase Ends in DUI Bust

Ventura County – Laying to rest the classic assumption that “driving under the influence” refers solely to those who may have enjoyed too much Happy Hour at their local cocktail lounge, the June 17th arrest of 22-year-old Ventura resident Ariana Lara-Leon points to a wide range of intoxicants which can mitigate one’s ability to properly operate a motor vehicle.

It was just before the morning commuter rush hour when Ventura Police Department patrol units were alerted to the possible presence of a stolen vehicle in the downtown Ventura area, pursuant to which the suspect vehicle was promptly observed. According to the VPD Watch Commander’s report to the media, “officers attempted to make an enforcement stop on the vehicle,” whereupon Leon gunned the accelerator and sped off down city streets “at a high rate of speed.” Blowing through a series of red lights, Leon could not shake her police pursuers for a considerable distance, until the black-and-whites terminated their chase due to concerns for public safety.

But just because it may appear that one has “lost the cops” in the rearview mirror, law enforcement resources are many and varied, and when Leon entered the U.S. 101 southbound at speeds approaching 100 mph, ultimately careening onto CA 126 westbound and finally ditching her car to attempt flight on foot, she found herself dogged down and taken into custody.

The ensuing field sobriety test clearly established that Leon was “under the influence of a controlled substance,” and entitled to a free ride to Ventura County Jail, where she was booked on charges of evading a police officer, driving a stolen vehicle, and driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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