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Multi-National Police Work Runs Child Stealing Suspect to Ground

Ventura County – Denisse Lisbeth Romero, a 27-year old Oxnard resident who became so enamored of a 16-year old girl for whom she was providing services at the Camarillo Children’s Learning


PRVNT Officers Arrest Two On Warrants, one escapes and is wanted again

Suspects Were Holed Up In a Motel SEASIDE—Agents from the Peninsula Regional Violence Narcotics Team (P.R.V.N.T.) found a wanted vehicle in the parking lot of a motel on North Fremont, and


Santa Rosa woman arrested for fraud

Jessika Lauren Smith had been in trouble before. She had been convicted of theft in both 2011 and 2012. Arrest records show that in July of 2012 she was charged


Gang Recruiters Busted

Ventura County – “We just need a few good men,” the recruiting slogan of the United States Marine Corps certainly doesn’t apply to the activities of criminal street gangs engaged in


Traveling Tennessee Commercial Pot Sellers Busted In Vacaville

Two visitors from Tennessee cruising the streets of Vacaville just after midnight on December 15 attracted the attention of alert Vacaville citizens. According to a Vacaville P.D. press release, callers


DUI Checkpoint Nabs Two Impaired Drivers

Ventura County – Given the publicity of increased law enforcement activity during the last two weeks of the year with a particular focus upon the prevention of death and destruction on

Santa Barbara

Youth Football League President Tackled for Embezzlement

Santa Barbara County – One would presume that any individual working in close association with young people in a community-supported athletic program would be subject to a certain amount of background

Alameda Santa Clara

Burglary suspect leaves note with drivers licence attached

SAN JOSE – Back on Jan 19, 2014, a burglar entered an unoccupied home located at 4800 block of Trego Drive in San Jose. The owners of the home later reported the burglary


Robbery suspect on parole solicits murder of police

SAN JOSE – On Tuesday, Dec 16, Milpitas Law Enforcement officers were informed of possible street gang activity involving 24-year-old Victor Ryan Villegas and 20-year-old Amanda Desiree Gonzalez, who were found

Santa Cruz

Two Watsonville Juveniles, One Adult Arrested For Vandalism

Police Thank the Public For Alertness WATSONVILLE—The Watsonville Police Department arrested two more taggers on Monday after an alert citizen notified them of suspicious activity in the area of Brennan